Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The END...?

Estrella Mountain was an amazing experience. I didn't get to be part of any place in the conference but I had a blast. I want to dedicate this post to everyone in the S-Stem project. I don't think I have ever met a group of people with whom I gotten along as fast and as well as the S-Stem scholars. My mentors Matt and Josh, thank you for everything that you've thought me and that you've inspired in me. The inspired me part also goes for everyone of my classmates. It is hard to imagine to be around a better group of people. Darren, Gilbert, Melina, Sepedeh, Setareh, Khadidja, Jeremy, Kodjo, McKenna and Espi, everytime we went together outside of school, like at ASU, Estrella or the Botanical Garden, it would be just awesome. Sometimes I have to spend lots of time with people before I can feel any traces of friendship forming but with you guys the friendship was there from the moment you said hi. That's right, you had me at Hello. Jlal (just laughing a little). That also includes Jervana, specially since she is so cool. Oh, and McKenna, you probably knew this already but, your scientific work and research is not amazing because of your young age, it's amazing because of you.

Matt and Josh are a duo like no other. Both of were are true mentors to me, you steered me in the right direction when I would walk aimlessly trough out the lab either because I couldn't find anything to do or just because I couldn't sit still. You both encouraged me to work and to love research. Before this internship I barely considered the idea of wanting to do research as a career. Working with Matt and Josh has made me appreciate the field of research and has inspired me to pursue it further outside of Phoenix College. I could never forget Kimberly. The few times Matt or Josh weren't around or just busy, Kim would help me understand the new world that "the Lab" was for me. From finding oil lamps, gloves, test tubes racks, to showing me how to make media. I thank her specially for teaching me how to make media, that came in handy so many times during my internship. And of course, Kim is a great person with unrivaled personality, always with a smile on her face.

Amanda and Dijana, you guys rock. I humbly thank you for everything you have done for me and my fellow scholars. Without you, my great experience at the Biology lab wouldn't have happened. I thank you for selecting me and allowing me to be part of this amazing project. All of the tools and friendships I gained from this program I don't know how I'll ever be able to repay.

Again, Thank you everyone. I really hope we can all keep in touch.

I wait in anticipation to see how all of you will change this world like I know you will

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